There's a lot more to Creative Mushroom than just websites.

As a proven digital marketing manager, I can help you with your entire marketing strategy making sure it's cost effective and scalable for your business.

Isn't that something else to smile about?


Here to help your business in all aspects of your marketing.

Marketing is more than telling your friends about your business or advertising in the local paper.
It's about efficiently reaching your potential customer base, turning those potential customers into actual customers, then retaining those customers and making sure they recommend you to others.
Ultimately, this will make your business sustainable and profitable.
Whilst you're trying to actually run the business, who takes care of the marketing?

A Marketing Agency?

The traditional marketing agency model is one of monthly retainers, a lack of real continuation for your business growth and very little individual thought or care for your business.
(Unless you want to spend lots of money!)

These "creative agencies" tend to have flash offices and huge overheads to maintain whilst charging a premium for what is usually average or even, substandard work based around their own "agency model".
These types of agencies can be good for bigger companies with larger marketing budgets and an already established presence.
They are not good for small to medium or startup businesses and only serve to drain valuable financial resources for little or no real return.

I speak from real experiences over and over again, from both sides of the fence.

There is another option... consultancy.

That's what Creative Mushroom offers. A marketing partner who will be there for you as and when you need it.

No expensive monthly retainers and the work carried out will be designed to help you to be in control of your own marketing. As a sole trader myself who works from home, I have minimal overheads and so offer a very competitive hourly rate compared to the traditional marketing agency.


(Search Engine Optimisation)
Being ranked highly in the search engines is a high priority. Each type of business will have a slightly different way of gaining an edge.

This will bring a constant stream of targeted enquiries.


If you need help with eye catching, consistent branding such as retina ready logos or banner adverts, I can help to solidify your presence across all media channels.

Having brand guidelines helps to maintain a strong identity.

Social Media

Social Media is here to stay and can be a great ally in promoting your business. It can also be used as direct sales channel for your customers.

Let's set your social media up to work for you.

Email Campaigns

Keeping in touch with your customers by offering insights, news and latest offers, is a great way of retaining a relationship with them.

Automating the process makes a far more efficient way of keeping in touch.


Social media, PPC (Paid Per Click), Local and national media. Advertising is the way of driving interest to your business.

Whatever your requirements, we'll get your message in front of the right people.

Printed Media

Flyers, posters, exhibition banners, clothing and more. Designing for publicity can be fairly complex. Creative Mushroom is here to help.

With consistent branding, you can increase your public profile.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss a future project...

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