What makes a great website?

(and your passion for your business)


Passion for what you do is the number one priority.

Here I am trying to tell you what I can do to help your business, but actually, the main part of making your website and online presence successful comes from you.

It's important that you know your industry or products well so that your passion can be translated into a "Wow Factor" website. People don't like to guess or assume. They want information, quickly and easily. They want to know that you are a trustworthy business, passionate about what you do and that your products and services are genuine.

Your website is your shop window. Its job is to entice people to come inside and look around and ask questions with the conclusive goal of making a purchase or contacting you.

That's where I come in...

I have the simple job.

I'll build a website for your business that will:

  • show your passion and drive

    If you believe in your business, then we'll make sure your customers do too. Your website is your online window for the world.

  • be eye catching

    You'll need to stand out and have a strong visually creative website.

  • be easy to use

    Your customers want a good experience when browsing your website.

  • be informative

    Your customers want as much information as possible delivered in an easy to understand manner.

  • be designed to convert customers

    The website will be built with goals in mind. Whether it's a submitted signup form or a purchase, it won't just be pretty pictures.

  • use the right language for the search engines

    Search engines base their results on sites that use natural language but are structured and formed in a certain way.

  • build trust

    The website should reflect your professionalism but also your company's values and personality.

  • integrate with social media

    Your website can be integrated to publish all new content straight to your social media feeds.

  • be quick to load

    A speedy website is an important part of ranking well in the search engines and for making sure you don't lose customers.

  • be secure

    This is your website and we want to keep it that way. Free security certificates and additional standardised security on every site.

Whether it's a full e-commerce site or a one page information website, I'm here to give you a professional website that truly reflects the values and personality of your business.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss a future project...

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